Louisville Car Accident Injuries Need an MD

 Louisville Car Accident injuries need Trained Medical Doctors.

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Louisville car accident injuries can get complete care in one place.
Therefore, we offer on-site:

First, neurosurgeons receive extensive training in general trauma.  We need to diagnose all things that can happen.


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I have treated 10,000 accident victims since 1984.

As a board certified neurological surgeon I will do everything I can to help.


David Changaris, MD
Board Certified
Neurological Surgeon
Trauma Specialist

for Louisville Car Accident Injuries


After Accident Care licensed staff offers Many Services
(No need to travel across town):

louisville car accident

Shoulder injuries occur in 3 of 10 Louisville Car Accident injuries

With great physical therapy most gain return of full range of motion. Ignoring shoulder injuries (common in a chiropractic office) leads to a frozen shoulders in 3-6 weeks. Only MD's can diagnose and treat shoulder injuries.

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Recovery from Louisville Car Accident injuries involves more than spine.

First, serious Louisville Car Accident injuries involve more than spine. Ligaments tear within many joints.

Children find a safety zone in my office for Louisville Car Accidents 

Most noteworthy is that for years I practiced pediatric neurosurgery.