Louisville Car Accident Injuries Need an MD

 Louisville Car Accident injuries need Trained Medical Doctors.

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Louisville car accident injuries can get complete care in one place.
Therefore, we offer on-site:

  • a complete medical evaluation;
  • massage and physical therapy.;
  • full spectrum radiology, including MRI;
  • brain injury testing in children (8 years and up) and adults. We use the same test our military uses to evaluate head injuries;
  • teaching e.g. If you cannot raise your arm above your head without pain you probably have a shoulder injury.
  • evaluation for inner ear and brain stem injuries with state-of-the-art VNG;
  • a board certified neurosurgeon, trained in trauma to evaluate and treat.

First, neurosurgeons receive the most training in diagnosing and treating concussions.  Because our advanced protocols identify injuries within the brain, we can get started on the right therapy.

Another point, we complement the clinical exam with computerized brain function testing. Your balance and how your eyes move can identify a brain injury. Since trauma can damage your balance in accidents we offer balance training.

Most of all, our state of the art safe open mri helps identifies underlying soft tissue injury.  We affirm that our  Airis II open MRI has national certification (ICA). Consesequently we can evaluate brain, shoulders, knees, elbows, wrists, fingers, feet, and toes.

louisville car accident

I have treated 10,000 accident victims since 1984.


David Changaris, MD
Board Certified
Neurological Surgeon
Trauma Specialist

for Louisville Car Accident Injuries


After Accident Care licensed staff offers
(No need to travel across town):

  • Physician (MD) trauma evaluation
  • Medications to treat painful injuries
  • Psychological Counseling for Car Related Anxiety
  • Family counseling to help people get back in the car
  • Massage Therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Brain Injury Testing 8-adult
  • Holistic Alternative therapy for those not wanting traditional medical care
  • Children treated here along with the whole family.

louisville car accident

Shoulder injuries occur in 3 of 10 Louisville Car Accident injuries

With great physical therapy most gain return of full range of motion. Ignoring shoulder injuries (common in a chiropractic office) leads to a frozen shoulders in 3-6 weeks. Only MD's can diagnose and treat shoulder injuries.

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Louisville Car Accident injuries involve more than spine.

First, serious Louisville Car Accident injuries involve more than spine. Ligaments tear within many joints. This includes shoulders, elbows, wrists, ankles, knees and hips. Because ninety percent of people with concussions have no loss of consciousness, we screen everyone with the HELPS, the standard for identifying concussions.  Therefore, we can help people with concussions.

Consequently, as a board certified neurological surgeon I will do everything I can to help.

Trained MD for Louisville Car Accident Injuries

Above all else, when you call us you will find a trained physician MD.  While, only a few trained medical specialist can diagnose concussions, I am one of them. I am familiar with what you need.  Especially, if you have a persisting headache. So if  you have a concussion  it can effect your school work. While, in other places we note problems include job performance.  In addition, sometimes personal relationships suffer because the brain injured develops explosive anger.

After a trauma please, call 911 for confusion, breathing difficulty, broken bones and bleeding.

If you do not have an emergency, call us. Maybe you can avoid a long ER stay. My office is open 9am to 5pm daily, Monday thru Friday. Often my staff can work you in. A note of caution: Beware of people calling you after an accident, good clinicians and lawyers never will.

Children, adolescents and family involved in Louisville Car Accidents find a safety zone in my office.

Most noteworthy is that for many years I practiced pediatric neurosurgery. Consequently, our on-campus Counselors help entire families deal with the trauma. Family counseling gives family the strength to deal with non-sleeping children. Especially relevant, anyone who cannot drive due to anxiety or physical injury has a place to get help.

Over 10,000 car accident victims have found their way to my care. As a neurosurgeon, I have treated trauma in Louisville since 1984. Sorting out multiple accident dates happens every day.  Even insurance companies contact us to review complex cases.

You can expect expert evaluation and treatment. In addition you will find procedural support in your insurance issues. In conclusion,  After Accident Care keeps it all straight. Because we make sure everyone can understand, you have the best possible recovery. Therefore, it just makes sense to call a physician who has seen a lot of trauma.