Ankle-Foot Injuries Need an MD

Ankle-Foot Injuries Need an MD

When you ankle is swollen and bruised after an MVA, your ankle-foot injuries need an MD to identify whether you have a broken bone or torn ligament. Chiropractors cannot by training or Kentucky law diagnose or treat an ankle injury.

Once you have been diagnosed with a swollen and or bruised ankle-foot, you will need an MRI. This remains the only way to know if you have torn ligaments. Unfortunately if you have torn an ankle ligament completely you will need a surgeon.

Anatomy of the Ankle-Food

The ankle consists of three bones and three joints. Holding these together are 4 major ligaments. You can see these listed in the drawing attached. You can fracture your bones or produce a crush injury. Sometimes your bones are bruised, and ache seriously despite a normal x-ray. The MRI will pick this up. Each of the 3 joints can have the lining damaged or distorted. In the absence of good physical therapy you can lose a joint’s function easily after an MVA.

Your ligaments hold your ankle together. Perhaps one the hardest to diagnose is the the ligament injury. But delaying this diagnosis can lead to serious long term issues.


In addition to problems with your ankle, your foot has many delicate bones too. Here is a photo of a skeletal foot. There are 26 bone, 33 joints and over a hundred muscles and ligaments within the foot. This complicated and rather integral part of our bodies often finds its way to a podiatrist who will diagnose and treat serious injuries. Both the orthopedic and podiatric surgeons have important skills to offer your injured  foot.

Again bracing, casting, and simply using crutches can be important early on.  Your ankle foot injuries need an MD.