Car Related Anxiety

Car Related Anxiety related anxiety means simply that you get anxious in a car after your car accident. This level of hyper-vigilance often can make you more likely to have another car wreck. So we have in house counseling using modern cognitive behavioral techniques. In one or two sessions we can often get you back driving without panic attacks. Often times people as a passenger find after an accident so difficult their spouse has difficulty driving for them. We can help resolve this.

Panic Attacks after Car Accidents Are Common

When someone has past trauma sometimes a minor accident can trigger serious panic attacks. Some  people have difficulty if they have seen a loved seriously hurt in an accident. All these need to correlated during counseling. We give our patients specific training in managing these thoughts. With this, people  resolve panic attacks and return to driving. When this does not happen we help you find the best care for you elsewhere. Sometimes continuing support groups help.

Meditation Alternative for Managing Anxiety

Meditation can be taught. In general meditation offers the clearest way to change your anxiety in everyday life.


Some use mantras. Some just find a quiet place on a regular basis. Finding meditation coaches can be part of your post mva care. We find that helping people return to their lives with new tools to deal with stress and anxiety really makes a difference.