Chiropractors treating Trauma?

Whether it is legal or not chiropractors treating trauma happens every day in Louisville….ignoring a lot of injuries.

Kentucky Law (KRS Statutes) shows:312.015 “chiropractic” means the science of diagnosing and adjusting or manipulating the subluxations of the articulations of the human spine and its adjacent tissues;”

Chiropractors treating trauma have no medical training to diagnose anything besides the spine. If you have an injury of your shoulder, wrist or brain this will be ignored more often than not.

Even the Osteopaths with special training in manipulation of the spine make a serious attempt to differentiate their skill set from the chiropractor’s adjustments.

Some pretty sketchy stuff happens in Louisville’s mill of chiropractors treating trauma. Most of the time people will get better on their own. But shoulders and brain injuries are frequently missed.

Legitimate medical doctors do not have the resources to mount a national advertising campaign on television and radio. These campaigns cost millions of of dollars. One has to wonder about the “how is it possible that” the complex system stays in place so well.

Chiropractors treating Trauma, a disaster waiting to happen? If you want to avoid having an injury ignored, see a physician or osteopath. One can wonder how chiropractors can get by ignoring real injuries.