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Often ignored because care givers are
inexperienced or they do not want to be involved in litigation.

Concussion Car Accident Louisville PEARL 3:

The incidence of vertigo, with even mild head injury, ranges from 15-78%. This can be detected with Videonystagmography and Balance Testing offered in our concussion car accident Louisville program.

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Whiplash causes concussions and can cause dizziness. We evaluate these in our Concussion Car Accident Louisville Program and treat with effective physical therapy for vertigo, helping tinnitus or ear ringing sometimes.

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Our Staff can now diagnose and treat your symptoms of dizziness and loss of balance. We use state of the art diagnostic testing to measure eye movement. Dizziness changes these in clear ways. This helps document the extent of your injury and how well you are recovering.

The Eye shakes back and forth about 60 times a second. We use this to identify if you would benefit from our concussion car accident Louisvile program. First one direction fast and then a slow return. How much the eye moves means something. If one eye moves differently this means something very important. Turning the head makes the eyes shake differently and when there is a brain injury, this shaking is disordered.


Normal Eye Shaking Changes with Head Turning

In our Concussion Car Accident Louisville Program we record these eye movements. With these studies we show concussion brain injuries dealing with balance, dizziness, and ear ringing.