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Headaches Head Injury Concussion Need MD Evaluation

Headaches Head Injury Concussion Need MD Evaluation

What is it ? A Headache Head Injury Concussion?

Most headaches are like bad neighbors.

People get headaches.  Almost everyone gets a  headache… only one in five people never ever get a headache.

They just show up and cause problems. Some big some small.  If you get a headache usually you recognize it … just like a bad neighbor. You treat the headache like you treat it all the other times.

Twisting rapid deceleration causes traumatic brain injury, headaches and concussion

Migraine headaches 

present as an “Old” headache. They incapacite more than most common  Old Headaches. Migraines often make you miserable without killing you. The blood vessels feeding your brain go into spasm creating “auras” of zig-zag lights , sometimes weakness. And then the pounding headache begins.  These can last minutes to days. Some require complex medications and dark rooms. Some even lead to disability and strokes.

Tension headaches, another OLD Headache, 

typically begins at the nape of neck. These radiate over the top of the head and settle above the eyes. Often these settle on one side. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications and massage go a long way to treat these.
Finally there are some 200 different types of chronic “OLD HEADACHES”. If you want to know more go to the biggest text book:

Wolff’s Headache and Other Head Pain

New Headaches pose the most danger to people

If you have a sudden onset of the worst headache in your life, you may have a brain aneurism:  a bulging leaking artery in your brain. Most are best treated under medical supervision. These type of headaches are worth a trip to the emergency room.

Car accident related New Headaches are a most under-estimated problem.

Persisting New Headaches after a car accident often means a concussion. If you link avoiding bright lights and loud noises to headache, you have a concussion.

Ringing in the ears starting after an MVA brings up the strong suspicion of a brain injury.

A rapid twisting or shaking of the head during the sudden deceleration of a n MVA or falling to the floor can hurt your brain. You do not need to leave a bruise or have external signs of a head injury to have a traumatic brain injury.

Many people assume that concussions involve a loss of consciousness, but that is not true. In many cases, a person with a concussion never loses consciousness.

AANS (Neurological Surgeons)


After a car accident whether you have a blow to your head or not Confusion and Headaches Need MD Evaluation.  Confusion means not knowing what day or time or place you are in. Sometimes people act and talk in a normal fashion but are not remembering things. There are many examples of boxers who were knocked out for less than the count of ten, and continued boxing without any memory of it.  So if someone is dazed for more than 15 minutes, it is now considered a concussion.

Playing Sports after a Car Accident Considered Dangerous

If you have a concussion after an MVA with persisting headaches and difficulty concentrating you need to tell your coach and see a physician. We at After Accident Care have detailed experience helping people both recover from concussions and return to playing contact sports. There are clear but changing guidelines in this arena.Not only can we give real guidance on when and how to return to sports, we can help clearly identify if you have a brain injury. We use state of the art laser based measurement of eye movements to document brain injury. And we can show return to normal.

The vestibulonystagmogram (VNG) provides real and objective documentation of brain injury.

The VNG measures our eye movement as we look at things. If we watch something and turn our body, the eyes move in both a coordinated and precise way.  The VNG measures with laser precision the subtle shaking of our eyes after a brain injury. The resulting measurements provide a way to document injury and recovery.The “shark” in the water continues to be progressive early dementia, like Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, and anxiety-depression. Yes a single concussion can change our brain to begin premature dementia.The use of these modern tests will help us identify better treatments to prevent progressive dementia.

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Headaches Head Injury Concussion Need MD Evaluation

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