PIP Disability Benefits
Built into Car Insurance!

Yes you have PIP disability benefits when you buy car insurance in Kentucky

PIP Benefits (Personal Injury Protection) for car accidents pays both lost wages (PIP disability benefits) and medical treatment costs in most cases up to $10,000.00 Lost wages up to $200/week which means about are subtracted from this. A solid emergency room visit can easily run $7,000.00.

Call your insurance agent to find our how much it will cost to go to $400/week PIP disability benefits. If you earn more than $20,000 per year these PIP disability benefits could support you for many months. PIP disability benefits (PIP for car accident) remain the best insurance buy on the market. Your insurance agent, you may can get additional $100/week lost wages for each $10k additional disability benefits you buy before the accident.

With an additional $20,000 in PIP disability benefits you may qualify for $400/week lost wages. Wage earner with responsibilities need added PIP disability benefits. You would have to pay many times the PIP rate for an individual disability insurance policy to give you the same amount.


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