School Help after MVA Concussion

Getting school help after  mva concussion may give a real boost to a child. Some children and teenagers have difficulty concentrating in school. This can result in poor grades that might derail a chance to go to college. We offer detailed analysis of the specific limitations of children and adults with their primary avocation. With children school remains the major job for them. Headaches bother some sufficiently to make sitting in class impossible. We work with both public and private school staff to carve out special programs to keep kids on track to graduation with pre-accident expectations honored.

Some students need home schooling

We have found that school help after mva concussion can mean short term home schooling for students who have concussions. With neuropsychological testing we identify areas of deficits and can monitor improvement with appropriate nutritional and medical support. We can help students get special training or simply stop intramural sports or gym.

Tough Decisions with Contact Sports After MVA

We know that in professional football three concussions mean no return to play. We also know that a single concussion removes serious reserves for healing, making return to playing contact sports more dangerous.  The teenage brain may respond catastrophically to a second concussion. This means a greater chance of death when the second concussion occurs before the first concussion has fully healed. These difficult decisions need careful family support.

Once the headaches and dizziness has stopped, athletes may return to non-contact training in a graded fashion. We ask coaches and parents to monitor the student athlete for return of these symptoms Student athletes need to stop the training if the symptoms of headaches or dizziness returns.