Car Accidents Need an MD

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Car Accident Care Helps Recovery


David Changaris, MD
Board Certified Neurological Surgeon
Trauma Specialist


MD's assess shoulder injuries

Car Accidents Cause Shoulder Injuries in 3 of 10 injured.

Car accidents often mean multiple injuries. More than half of serious injuries involve shoulders, elbows, wrists, ankles, knees, and hips. And some accident victims even have brain injuries. Chiropractors and non-trauma physicians sometimes try to be helpful. We follow the CDC guidelines for Brain Concussion. I spend a lot of time sorting out things that some chiropractors ignore because these injuries are not a part of what chiropractic scope of practice (only spine and adjacent tissues.)”  Find an MD familiar with what you need. Only a trained specialist should handle concussions…if you have a headache you have a concussion. Call 911 for broken bones and bleeding, but anything less and maybe you can avoid a long ER stay. My office is open 9am to 5pm daily, Monday thru Friday.  Often the staff at 584-6852 can work you in but call first.

Children, adolescents and family in a car accidents find a safety zone in my office. I practiced pediatric neurosurgery for years. We have counseling on campus to deal with car related anxiety. Over 10,000 car accident victims have found their way to my care (as a neurosurgeon, having car accidents in Louisville since 1984.)  And I can help sort out medical injuries from more than one accident. I do this well.  It just makes sense to call a physician who has seen a lot of trauma if you have pain when you move your neck, back shoulders, knees, ankles…. 584-6852.


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