Car Accident? MD First 584-6852 L’ville

Car Accident Care Helps Recovery


David Changaris, MD
Board Certified
Neurological Surgeon Trauma Specialist

Car accidents mean, “find a good trauma MD.”  Especially one familiar with what you need. Call 911 for broken bones and bleeding, but anything less and maybe you can avoid a long ER stay. My office is open 9am to 5pm daily, Monday thru Friday.  Often the staff at 584-6852 can work you in but call first.

I am very comfortable treating children and adolescents. We have counseling on campus to deal with car related anxiety.

I have evaluated or treated over 10,000 accident victims (as a neurosurgeon, having car accidents  in Louisville since 1984.)  And I can help sort out medical injuries from more than one accident. I do this well.  It just makes sense to call a physician who has seen a lot of trauma if you have pain when you move your neck, back shoulders, knees, ankles…. 584-6852.